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Top 5 reasons your packages are being returned

I believe most of us (who have dealt with courier companies in the region) have become experts on WHY our packages get returned back to us. Let’s list the top 5 reasons, shall we? (Drum roll please….)

5: Office is closed (that’s what happens when the delivery is attempted after hours).



4: Incomplete address (gas stations and coffee shops do not serve as accurate landmarks).


3: Person at delivery location refused the item (the receptionist is not aware of John Doe who is anxiously expecting to receive the package).



2: Customer not at delivery location (I’m sure we all have personally faced this, and not only our customers)



1: Customer not answering phone for delivery location (my personal favourite).


What can we do in such moments of despair?! Fear not, Fetchr is here! With Fetchr, your package will be delivered to your phone, no address needed. How you may ask?? We like to call it magic (aka GPS aka the one and only Fetchr app).

Well how you might ask again? Call us on +971-4801-8101 and we will gladly explain or even visit your company for a demo!

Ship happy-download the Fetchr app!

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