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Top 10 Sellr Products – Part 2

Who would have known? I personally assumed I wouldn’t need to update the top 10 products until next month!

The competition between our Sellr users and the type of products they’re selling is outstanding.

Here are the new top visited Sellr products:

1. KOITA Organic Milk

Fetchr was spoiling you too much? If you haven’t been getting enough vitamin D from the sunlight, Don’t worry!
KOITA here have the solution in carton packs!

Try out their amazing guilt free milk.



2. Coco Pro Coconut Water

Do you workout?

Coco Pro is an all natural hydrating drink that provides you with the needed energy for a healthy workout! Coco Pro is consumed by professional sports teams cross fit champions, yogis, Body pumpers, Zumba dancers and more



3. Isabelle Noor Artwork Meditation

Isabelle Noor is an artist living in Dubai, Isabelle paints with a mix of electric and color vibrant style. This artwork Meditations is a Mix media painting with coffee pot and arabic leather door and elements with spray paint.




4. Dubai Air Jordan

Alright, we’re not doing this on purpose its just working out this way! All products so far are about healthy lifestyle. I bet these pair of sneakers matche perfectly with all other 3 products above. Kids black sneakers, sizes 4, 4.5 and 11 available




5. Linshe Salwar Suite

Elegant and classy salwar suite.




6. February box for Mens grooming essentials

All your grooming essentials in one box!




7. 2016 Journey Daily Planner

Did your 2016 new year’s resolution involve having a well organized life? This daily planner is exactly what you’re looking for. Consisting of tools to empower people throughout their life journeys.




8. Spill the beans

Is it just me or this paining actually looks like it was splashed with a bag of jelly beans? Yummy!

Abstract painting depicting jelly beans oil painting 120 x 100 cm white floating frame




9. Beard Oil by Babel Alchemy

For the second week in a row, the highest views and orders are on the Conditioning beard oil. Babel beard oil is suitable for your daily use for a clean and neat look.




10. Caboki Hair Fiber

Do you have a thin hair? No need to worry anymore!

Caboki Works for both men and women. Works in seconds and lasts all day in sunlight, rain or when sweating. Does not stain clothing Made from all natural ingredients.




Note: All items are on limited quantities, if you like it? Order it!

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