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It’s all about the Last Mile

How often are you discouraged to shop online simply because you can’t be bothered to go through the long and annoying process of explaining your location, desired time of delivery and method? How often do you end up rolling your eyes high up while telling the delivery guy to take the 3rd left for a hundredth time? We know we were. And that’s why we’re introducingFetchr. We take out the ‘annoying’ out of online shopping; you pick, you click and it ends there.

Following your purchase you will receive a text with a link to the Fetchr delivery app, in which you’ll schedule when you want your delivery to be brought to wherever you choose to be at that specific time.  How? We track your phone location and use it as your address. You ask how again? You know how ‘find my iPhone’’ works? That’s exactly how we track you. No more do you need to receive endless calls regarding where and when you are. With Fetchr, we’ll make the shipping of your products as subtle as possible. You shop. We ship.

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