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Fetchr offer fulfilment & last mile delivery

“Hello my name is Joy I’m one of the founders of Fetchr!
Do your customers want to punch you in the face?
Do you realize that nothing has changed with shipping in 20 years. Are you still living in the past.
I know the problems your facing.
Delayed delivery
Undelivered shipments
No updates on where your shipments are.
You know what we can help!
We’re fetchr the latest in shipping technology.
Fetchr has solved the problem of no addresses, with our app your customers pinpoint their desired delivery location and convenient time for delivery. Yes we deliver on your schedule not ours.
Guess what…we even provide real time delivery updates everyday. Not only do we send you proof of delivery but we give you the exact reasons your undelivered packages were not delivered.
Our success rate is 98% best in the industry.
Delivery guaranteed.
Stop living in the past join fetchr
Join the future!
And ship happy with us”

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