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Fetchr Delivery App Now on Android

Picture this scenario: you’re out in a neighbouring city, hanging out with your friends at the mall. Everything is going great until you reach for your pocket and realise that you’ve left your wallet at home! Now you’re faced with two options. You can either drive all the way pack home to pick it up and come back, assuming you have enough gas to make it there, or you can have Fetchr give you a helping hand with our shipping delivery app. Previously, if you were an iOS user, this would have be an easy process of just a few swipes using our Fetchr app, but if you were the proud owner of an Android device you would be sadly out of luck. However, we have an exciting new revelation in our services that are sure to make all you Android users out there smile.

Today Fetchr has the great pleasure to be delivering some wonderful news to our customers. While previously, our app was only available to iOS users, we are delighted to inform you that our Android version of the app is officially live and available for download right now on the Google Play store!

Previously, a large portion of our customers who operated exclusively on Android devices would have to book our services through other means, such as our web application. Now this is a thing of the past as we expand to Android devices everywhere! Don’t waste time and get your hands on it now and let us help you ship happiness with just the swipe of your finger.


Download the Android app here!



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