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3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Delivery Service Provider

3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Delivery Service Provider


Successful businesses do everything in their power to maintain their reputation with their customers and the general public.  Careful thought and preparation are put into every decision from the packaging they use, to the wording of their confirmation emails, and even how their customer service answers the phone.  There is no reason that choosing a delivery service provider should be any different.  In fact, as a successful business, your delivery service provider could make or break your reputation. So, before you choose one here are a few things that you should consider.

Their Customer Service Philosophy

Although a customer orders a product from your business, the only possible face-to-face interaction that they may have related to that product is with the person who delivers it.  Although some delivery companies are drop-and-run, others focus on providing the best customer experience possible.  Before choosing the delivery service company that you are going to work with be sure to ask about their customer service philosophy and how they train their drivers in customer service because you want to be sure it meets your standards.

How They Handle their Busy Season

If you want to put your delivery company through a stress test, check out how they handle their delivery volume during holidays such as Ramadan and Christmas.  Contact other businesses that they serve to see if they maintained their reputation for delivering packages on time and ask if they prepare by hiring extra staff during this time.  Holidays are a big boost to business for everyone and provide an opportunity to earn new, loyal customers. You don't want your delivery company to ruin that opportunity.

Their Communication Practices

From the contract that you sign with them to understanding how your deliveries are performing you need to be in constant contact with your delivery service company.  Before you enter into any type of contract, be sure to ask about how they communicate with their clients and make sure it meets your expectations and matches the method of communication that you are most comfortable with.

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