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Do we do fulfillment for you in KSA/UAE?

Do we do fulfillment for you in KSA/UAE?

Will I be Impacted by VAT or any other taxes?-

Yes. According to Article 21 of the UAE VAT regulations, warehousing is treated as real estate related services and hence there would be a 5% VAT on the invoice value.

How can I comply with the law?+

Please click here and fill out the form with the requested details which will make our clients compliant.

Will there be VAT on only warehouse or both warehousing and delivery?+

VAT, as the definition goes, will be charged on all the services provided by Fetchr. There will be 5% VAT on warehousing and 5% VAT on the delivery charges.

As a client, I request Fetchr to do multiple deliveries. Will I be charged VAT on all deliveries?+

If Fetchr charges you additionally for the 2nd or 3rd delivery attempt - then there will be a 5% VAT on all the additional deliveries.

**The currency for Total Amount should always be that of the delivering country, if not Fetchr will reserve the right to convert to the local country currency and Fetchr will carry forward the same value for the rest of the process**

Customer Location = KSA; Currency of Total Amount = SAR
Customer Location = UAE; Currency of Total Amount = AED

Will the invoicing from fetchr look different?+

Yes. It will now comply with the VAT law of KSA and UAE.

Who will invoice me?+

Fetchr Parcels LLC will invoice your entity for all domestic deliveries.

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