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Best Practices For Handling E-commerce Product Returns

Best Practices For Handling E-commerce Product Returns


One of the most prevalent reasons that people are wary of online shopping is because of the hassle involved in returning a product if they do not like it or it does not work for them.

More often than not, returning a product bought online is difficult because it requires re-packaging the item, including a packing slip that has to be printed out, driving the package to a drop-off location or even taking it inside of a store.

These many steps are very unappealing to people who chose to shop online because they didn't want to leave the comfort of their own home in the first place. Furthermore, once a person purchases a product from a shop that they need to return but do not, their likelihood of shopping through that same retailer again is very slim.

As an online retailer, there are processes that you can put into place in order to make returns easier and less terrifying to your customers.

As the online industry evolves, we have seen and identified great strategies for handling e-commerce product returns.

Provide a Return Label in Your Original Package

Many people do not have printers in their home or do not have the time or patience to go into a print shop to print off a return packaging label.

Therefore, in order to help make the return process as simple as possible for your customers, it is wise to include the return shipping label as well as detailed instructions for return in the original package.

Although the extra slip of paper will cost a little bit of money, the customers you retain through doing so will make it worth it.

Create a Package Pick-up Agreement

Although Amazon’s strategy of housing their e-commerce product returns in popular retail stores in the United States is successful throughout the holiday season, everyday online shoppers want something easier.

The best way that you can serve your customers when they want to return a product is by creating an agreement with your delivery company to have them pick up the return packages and take them to be shipped back.

This will give customers the peace of mind that making a return is easy and they will not hesitate when shopping in your online store!

Time Limit On Returns

Defining a clear time limit for product returns at the time of purchase will help to avoid any unnecessary confusion for your customers. Most e-commerce stores provide a 15-30 days returns policy.

While offering free shipping on product returns can earn you loyal customers, it can be very expensive, and ultimately cost you money.

A great way to tackle this problem is by offering free returns only on a minimum purchase amount or for specific products.

This way you can make sure that shipping costs don't eat up your profit margins.

Ensuring a smooth returns process for your customer's can do wonders in terms of building trust and brand loyalty.

This, in turn, will help you acquire new customers and generate more sales.

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