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A Better Cash On Delivery Courier Service For Your Business

Sending and delivering packages seems like a myriad of endless processes that are playing backstage to a seemingly simple service. From picking and packing, sending and shipping through to the last mile; all these things are basics that a delivery company should have mastered to perfection.

But as a customer, aside from hoping that your package arrives on time and in one piece, the only other thing you can actually see and experience is receiving the package at your door. The physical interaction between the customer and the delivery person. This is where almost everyone has gone wrong.

When you go to a restaurant, you by default expect the waiter that serves you to be polite and well mannered towards you; you ignore the obvious that she or he may be going through a bad day. You simply expect to be treated right, as it is a service you pay for. So why not apply the same perspective to door to door delivery service?

How often have you opened the door and saw a sweaty, angry guy, who is counting the seconds to run back to his car, instead of providing you a satisfactory service? It almost doesn’t matter which company he comes from, there is always a sense of him doing you a favour by delivering you a box. And this is where we come in.

Attention to detail

At Fetchr, we pay extra attention to the details, we want to deliver a full experience of ease and pleasure: we know you enjoyed the moment you ordered something and will enjoy the moment you open it, so we also want you to enjoy the very moment of receiving the box at your door. At Fetchr, we do our best to make you feel important and exclusive… we want you to ship happy with us.



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