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8 Things you didn’t know about the Fetchr Courier Service App

The Fetchr app helps you send and receive packages anytime, anywhere without giving any directions nor having any hassles.

You may have been using Fetchr app for a while, or you might have just heard of it and have a slight idea about what it does. As part of our continuous work to increase customer satisfaction and offer the most convenient services to our customers, here are 8 things you didn’t know existed in Fetchr.

Reliable Package Courier

1. We take care of you, no matter who you are or what you do. Our courier service in the UAE services two different customer bases:

    1. C2C: Customer to customer, this allows you to send a gift or a package to your friends.
    2. B2C: Business to consumer, if you have an online store and want to deliver your merchandise to your customers, Fetchr is your place. With our cost effective shipping prices, you get to save 50% on shipping fees.

2. Schedule a pickup: Fetchr helps you do your errands, simply open the app and schedule a package pickup and delivery service. We won’t pick up your kids from school but we’ll definitely be there to deliver your laundry while you’re getting ready for your night out.

3. No disappointments policy (Make a payment): you’ve got this annoying business trip and you are going to miss out on your best friends birthday party that you’ve been planning for the past 2 weeks? Fetchr is here to help you deliver your birthday hampers. Go to the app, make a payment and schedule a pickup from your favorite bakery. Fetchr will pick up the cake, pay the bakery and send it to your friend’s party right on time.

4. International shipments: Fetchr can offer international shipping to and from anywhere! So if you are looking to expand your business, get in touch with us and one of our logistics specialists will be able to set you up.

5. Seller by Fetchr: we all know how trendy social media has become. People are actually making money through it! If you are one of those, you should try our brand new service Seller by Fetchr! You can add your own shopping cart to your products and share the links on your social media.

6. The team grew from 10 to over 200 between 2014 and 2015.

7. We have the lowest cost for courier services in the UAE. With the Fetchr package courier app It costs just AED 30 to send or collect to and from any part of the UAE!

8. We have great news for you! We’re exploring new markets. By the second quarter of 2016 we will introduce our services to 7 new markets.

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