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4 of the most successful businesses using Fetchr services

Babel Alchemy beard oils

Lens Studio

Koita organic milk

Reema’s cookies:
In case you’re tired of sending traditional gifts, try something yummy! Reema’s cookies, bakes the best custom made cookies we’ve ever tried. Try it out!

Babel Alchemy beard oils:
Trying to keep up with the beard trends? Make sure it’s all groomed up well and nicely. Inspired by nature, art and the unknown, Babel is known for its unconventional and extraordinary fragrances and accessories. We push the boundaries and continually explore the unknown by experimenting with the finest, rarest ingredients and materials from the near east, to bring you handcrafted products for home and personal use.

Lens Studio
Working in fashion, arts or culture? Get your photographs done professionally! Lens studio a creative photography studio based in Dubai, UAE. With an international team of creatives that live and breathe art, Lens studios always push themselves outside the boundaries of mediocrity.

Koita organic milk
In our never ending journey to find our customers the best foods for their family….Koita has travelled the world and found the world’s BEST ORGANIC Milk. Cows are Grass fed, free range and frankly a lot happier whilst producing our Milk! Notably the organic milk fits the Koita
company motto of Eat Good, Feel Good and Do Good…

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